I still wish I’d written Veronica Mars

You know the deal here: Veronica Mars, stupendous television drama, cancelled young, now revived as a movie via Kickstarter. One year ago, I wrote of the joy that news gave me. Joy. I'm not kidding and I certain-sure am not exaggerating. I tried to explain to you just why I wish I'd written Veronica Mars the TV show and how profoundly thrilling it was for me to once again know there would be more. That I hadn't seen every scrap of this show, that there would be more to watch. And I concluded:

Next year, I’ll be in that cinema watching a new story. Isn’t it simply joyous that a drama can get you like this? That the promise of a drama can be the best news I’ve had all week? I am ridiculously happy and excited and for ‘ridiculous’, just read ‘very’ or ‘tremendously’ or ‘damn right’.

You shouldn’t ever come back to old ideas, you shouldn’t revive something if it’s died. Unless it’s Veronica Mars. You never know, but I’ll lay odds that next year I’ll be wishing I’d written this movie.

I Wish I'd Written Veronica Mars – Self Distact 15 , 2013

It's one year on. Well, one day short of one year.

And I have just come out of the cinema.

I will not spoil this movie for you, I will not.


I wish I'd written Veronica Mars – the series and the move.

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