RIP Veronica Mars

Rumours have lurched to the good and the bad for months but as of this afternoon, it’s official: the US drama Veronica Mars is over.

Did you know? Did you spend the day checking all the US TV news feeds waiting for word? Because I did. And I would say that it’s hard to remember the last time a show had me checking like this but it isn’t: I was exactly the same at exactly this point last year. And it was exactly waiting to hear if Veronica Mars was to get a third season.

It did and, I’ll tell you straight, the news improved the holiday I was having at the time.

I have to think that its time was up and that if it had gone on longer it would perhaps have weakened. But I have to think that because there’s no other solace available.

There was about half a second of hope when the network, The CW, announced it was talking the Mars creator about some kind of related new series, but then they said words to the effect of “not that it’ll come to anything”. A lesson to us all: if you’re going to dangle hope, don’t destroy it in the second half of the same sentence.


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