Clickhole: Clever Dad Organised His Children By Giving Them Each a Different Name

Now you can use this hack on your family too:

David and Rebecca Lehigh had a familiar problem: four children—1, 5, 9, and 12 years old—with no way to organize them. It was a logistical fiasco…until David came up with an utterly genius solution.

Instead of keeping their kids in color-coded binders or driving themselves crazy trying to memorize their faces and voices, David and Rebecca did something so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it first: They gave each child a distinct name.

“We called one of them Leo, one of them Tara, one of them Megan, and one Zach,” said David, explaining that doing so has “made our lives a thousand times simpler.” “And the kids know what their names are, so when I want one of them to listen to me, I just say their name, then whatever message I want to send to them.”

The Lehighs say their name system is helpful for telling the difference between kids who look similar or are the same gender, and allows them to get their attention without pointing and shouting, “Hey, you!”

Clever Dad Organized His Children By Giving Them Each a Different Name – Clickhole (21 July 2014)

Read the full articleto find out how you can use this timesaving productivity trick on your own children.

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