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Photo by Andy Pilkington

Photo by Andy Pilkington

Good, you’re here. There’s a lot to do: if you’re looking for how to be a productive writer and get more out of your kettle, start with The Blank Screen.

That is a book and a workshop that has become a blog: you’ll get news of deals on the best productivity software, my own advice about being busy yet staying creative, lots more stolen advice from cleverer people, and some thoroughly entirely biased noodling from me.

You and I can relax a bit more with Self Distract: that’s my long-running personal blog on what we write and what we write with – when we get around to writing. Hand on heart, I have only this second spotted how many of those there words begin with w. Alliteration goes a long way.

I am a writer – seriously, w is starting to bug me now – so there is the Little Shop where you can buy my Doctor Who dramas and my books. I’m intending to also include workshop and event details here but I’m still looking for a spot to put them.

If you have any ideas for that – don’t make me regret asking you – or there is a single thing you fancy saying, I vow I am more interested in you than I am in me. Make my day and drop me an email.

Thanks for visiting, now get back to work,