Just a lifetime ambition fulfilled, that’s all

I’m a scriptwriter, I’m a radio man and I am a drama nut. The grail for me is writing drama for BBC Radio and I have been trying to do this for a very long time. You can’t believe how close I’ve come and I can well believe how far I’ve come in my writing through every single attempt.

And now as I write this to you, it’s happening tomorrow.


Doctor Who Doing Time on BBC iPlayer 2015

William Gallagher’s Doctor Who: Doing Time on BBC Radio 4 Extra

Doctor Who: Doing Time on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Saturday 24 October 2015 at 18:00 and then again at midnight.

Forget for a moment how much this means to me, I am tickled red that it is all a very Doctor Who timey-wimey kind of thing. For the piece that will be broadcast for the first time tomorrow was made five years ago. It is now the very first drama I have on BBC Radio and back then it was the very first audio drama I’d done. Doctor Who: Doing Time is a Big Finish production and I went from this one to a series of two-hour long audio stories that have become my favourite writing job.

Big Finish makes Doctor Who under licence from the BBC and though the stories are made for CD and download, they often then go on to BBC Radio 4 Extra. This is just the first time it’s happened with one of mine.

Five years ago the download version of Doing Time was released very late one night. Angela and I listened to it here with the lights off and the sound pouring into my soul. Tomorrow I’ll be tuning in to BBC Radio 4 Extra at 18:00 and quite possibly again at midnight for the repeat. My first-ever BBC Radio repeat.