Shssh… Misterioso

I was going to ask if you were around tomorrow, whether I could call you and pitch an idea.

I’m still up for a lunch if you are about, but something’s come up and I now I do have someone to pitch to in the morning. It was getting urgent because do you know what tomorrow is? It’s the end of January, horrible January. I’d forgotten this because I’ve delivered Radio Times’s On This Day feature up to February 22 so my head’s really getting toward March. Plus, for the first time in my life, I’ve booked a holiday way in advance: December. Unthinkable.

But anyway, January 31. Last year I had some success with doing a pitch per day for a month so – you’re ahead of me now, aren’t you? – I figured I’d do a pitch a day for every month in 2008.

I need to qualify that. Previously it’s been every day, really every day, Saturdays and Sundays included. This time, Pitch 2008 is every working day: it seemed to me that if I didn’t give myself weekends and bank holidays and whatever else off, I’d run out of material to pitch. So while I pitch every working day, I also write for at least one hour every single day.

Tomorrow’s the end of January, I’ve hit both targets.

And it’s working. The pitching is for all sorts of things, all the different types of work I do, and I’ve got extra Radio Times feature out of it already.

Still, a pitch per day. Any chance you’re around on Friday?


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