It is not true that I used my iPhone 33 times today

There’s a new free iPhone app called Checky that counts each time you tap your iPhone awake. It is fun and a bit sobering but unfortunately it’s also wrong. Listen, I’m not in denial here. I noticed around 1pm today that it reset to 0.

Go grab Checky anyway. It’s free and if you’ve just got an iPhone 6 or Plus, it might give you a sense of your new-toy addition.


Facebook sure loves your iPhone’s battery

Previously… the Facebook app was shown to be a bugger for sapping your iPhone battery for no damn good reason. It’s still doing it. Ever since learning that about the app, I’ve had a habit of killing it each time I come out.

To be fair, I also kill it because I’ve had people believe I was online when I wasn’t. They got quite ratty.

So that was two good reasons to force-quit the Facebook app and I did, I do, I will. I’ll just avoid using it much more now.

Because of iOS 8’s great new feature that tells you what’s eating your battery time. Look at this. And tell me I really used Facebook five times more than I did OmniFocus yesterday.


Video: how different To Do apps make you work

There is nothing like trying out a To Do app for yourself and before settling on OmniFocus. But there is this:

Robert McGinley Myers of the Anxious Machines site has made a video showing the major To Do apps in action and talking about what is and isn’t satisfactory about them. I’m shocked how many of these I’ve used and recognise.