Your snooze button is harming you

Sorry for the dramatic headline but I think it’s true. Have a read of this:

Most people see the snooze button as a luxury that promises just a little more energy, but in fact, it screws up the morning and beyond. Hitting snooze may offer a temporary sense of relief, but there is mounting evidence that it also keeps us from starting our day with a feeling of purpose.

In his book, The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod explains that the danger of the snooze button is that every time you hit it, you are implicitly saying that you don’t want to wake up to your life.

If you’re thinking, “Meh, not such a big deal,” think again. There are graver conditions than apathy associated with over-snoozing – the most insidious of which is depression. Repeatedly hitting the snooze button in resistance to rising gives you the sense that you have nothing to look forward to, leading to feelings of purposelessness and passivity very similar to what depressed people feel.

The Most Harmful Thing You’re Doing Before You Even Get Out of Bed – Page19

That deeply chimed with me because I’ve been doing the snooze a lot lately, including this morning, and I can see directly how my mood is different to when I get up at 5am as planned. Read the full piece.

Bet a hammer will fix this alarm clock

There’s a new alarm clock that you can’t snooze. Can’t. You can barely stop it at all. For instead of leaning over and tapping on it to get just-five-more-minutes, you have get up and do some thinking:

Invented out of necessity because standard alarm clocks just don’t cut it and designed to look like nothing else on the market. Ramos forces you out and far away from bed and to the remotely located Defuse Panel where you will have to enter a code. You’ll have to use your brain to figure out the right code which will help with waking up. Best of all, after you turn off the alarm, you’ll find yourself in your bathroom or kitchen and away from the evil alluring bed and ready to start your day.

Ramos comes in three flavors, LED, Nixie, and Custom. All the remote alarm and clock features are available in all models.

Ramos Clock, a remote deactivated alarm clock. | Ramos Alarm Clock

Read the Ramos website for some details of this and other clocks. This particular one costs $99 (approximately £66) and I would be failing in my duty to you if I didn’t also include a link to Amazon for the smart writer’s workaround that costs from £3.45.