Shock: Evernote company likes Evernote feature – but, okay, it is good

I have a love/tolerate relationship with Evernote: what it does well, it does well, except when it doesn’t. Still I live in this app a lot of the time and when I’m not in it I’m oftentimes on the web. You’ve heard of that. Possibly you haven’t heard of the Evernote Web Clipper. Take a look at this:

Browsing the web is a key part of your daily routine. Collecting the best of what you browse should be easy, but it’s not. Bookmarks are serviceable, but they’re hard to manage in quantity and they aren’t searchable. This is why we built Web Clipper. Today, we’re launching an update that makes it even better.

Popular sites perfectly captured with the new Web Clipper – Jeremy Brand Yaun, Evernote blog (30 June 2015)

The short version is that it’s better at saving the best-known web pages like Amazon or, even more popular, LinkedIn. The better answer is that if you haven’t tried it, go to it, regardless of what website you want to grab a piece of and keep offline. Read the full piece.

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