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Writer Lindsey Bailey’s new blog includes one of the most inspiring and definitely the bravest thing I’ve seen online: a list of what she wants to do. That’s it, just a list. But there are entire worlds in some of the briefest entries and as you read on, you actually start to cheer as you reach ones she’s crossed off.

So here is my declaration; a list filled with big and little things that I dream of doing. Inspired by Sean Ogle’s idea that publishing this list makes you more accountable… below is my ‘I am living’ list.

I Am Living List – Lindsey Bailey, lindseybaileywrites.com (June 2015)

Have a read of it on her site.

Then when you have done, you can do what I did and prevaricate about doing the same thing yourself by instead going on to read Alex Townley’s response:

It’s more like free writing or word vomit, or possibly therapy, so I apologise in advance, but I’m blaming this on a friend and colleague of mine Lindsey Bailey, who has just launched her own website you can visit here (and very fine it is too). She has a section devoted to what she calls her ‘I am Living List’. A sort of fancy to do list of big and small things she’d like to do at some point. It made me start pondering, which led to thinking, which led to endless adding, first of things for my own ‘To Do’ list and secondly for those things which missed that list, those things which should have been on it, but never made it, because they’d already been done. So this is two lists, one of things I’d like to do, and a second, below it, of the surprising (to me at least) amount of vaguely noteworthy things I’m really glad I’ve done. Both lists I suspect are endless, but posting this will hopefully make me draw a mental line under them both in my head, and get on with something useful…. To Do List

This is not (really) a blog post – Alex Townley, love.bake.learn.make.laugh (11 June 2015)

So what are you waiting for? I can tell you that I personally am waiting for you to write a list like this so that I can read it to postpone writing mine.

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