Rubbing it in

I didn’t get up at 5am this morning. I’ve got a speaking engagement late afternoon/early evening and decided that it would be sensible for me to appear conscious while talking.

Unfortunately, I then spent most of 5am to 7am thinking about this so I’m not sure I got any benefit and I am sure that I’ve started the day of wobbily. I nearly forgot to put the bins out – had a few thrilling moments racing as big trucks with flashing yellow lights got nearer and nearer – and in general I’m just struggling to get going.

Then I read this email:

Your morning routine sets the stage for the rest of the day.

Think of it as the most precious 60 minutes you have every day.

Out of all 24 hours you have, the first hour after waking up is THE most important. This is where it gets determined whether you’ll be productive – or not.

We have noticed ourselves that whenever we don’t follow our morning routine, we just aren’t as productive as we know we can be.

We never get “in the zone”. Things don’t flow. Everything takes a little longer to complete. Procrastination kicks in.

Overall, it’s not a good look.

Stick to your morning routine as much as possible. It functions like a catalyst for your productivity. Get it up and running, and you’ll be off to the races.

“Your Hour of Power” email – Asian Efficiency (6 January 2015)

Asian Efficiency is a very good outfit that normally I can’t praise too much. But this morning, it’s like they peeked into my soul and I want to go back to bed, please.

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