Write one sentence

That writing project you’ve got do to. Write one sentence now. Just dash it off this minute. This minute.

Did you do it? You’re a sentence closer to being finished.

And what kind of crazy-mad Hallmark Card happy-clappy stupid advice is that? You’re a sentence in to your book. Whoop-de-do.

But, hey, look at me. You’re a sentence further into your book. It’s written and it isn’t going away, it is only going to be added to. Maybe with one more sentence tomorrow. Probably with a lot more, but at least one sentence tomorrow.

By the end of a year you have 365 sentences. Call it ten words per sentence – no reason, no statistics behind it, it’s just reasonable enough plus it makes the maths startlingly easy – and that’s 3,650 words you’ve written.

It’s not enough. Nowhere near enough. But it’s a damn site more enough than 0.

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