Monday Productivity Pointers

Not my pointers, unfortunately. But I’m just trying out with one of its free trial offers* and have found Jess Stratton’s Monday Productivity Pointers videos. They are short little clips with advice on specifics about being more productive at what we do – and especially at using software tools. Today’s one is about writing a press release: not everybody needs to do that but actually her advice is useful for many more things. Being clear, getting to the point quickly and knowing what your audience needs are things that apply to every email we ever send.

Try out and particularly Stratton’s Monday Productivity Pointers here.

*I said I was using a trial. The training website often has trials and they are usually tied to somewhere like the MacPowerUsers podcast – which is where this one is. I’d tell you how to get it but I think we’re right at the edge of when that trial is valid so let me instead give you a general wave and an encouraging nod in the direction of that podcast. If you hear a bit about and it’s still valid, great. If not, you’ll still have heard one, two or a hundred and eighty very entertaining listens.

One thought on “Monday Productivity Pointers

  1. Thank you so much for the great write-up! I’m glad you’re enjoying the tips. And I’m glad MacPowerUser’s podcast is spreading the love also. 🙂

    Jess Stratton

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