Screw what most people think is normal

That’s a quote from an article I want to show you. The piece is about productivity tips from various people I’ve never heard of but are reportedly great. That’s fine, that’s what caught my eye and what I read on to check out for you. Plus, some of the tips in it are genuinely useful, such as this one:

Niki Papadopoulos: My editor always says, “OK, well, try writing it then.” In other words, she means, get started. She usually says this right after I explain a big sweeping idea for a book or a chapter or an article. Planning is great, but productive people get moving.

28 Secrets of Exceptionally Productive People – Jeff Haden, (9 September 2014)

Maybe I like this one because it rather fits with what I was saying earlier about not over-planning

But then I saw that line “screw what most people think is normal” and I like that. I want to say that to you every day. And also now use it as a tease to get you to read the full piece and find out what specific productivity tip it relates to.

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