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Have you subscribed already? The first weekly newsletter is now out and if you have, it will be in your email inbox. Remember the most productive thing you can do with email is read and enjoy it immediately. In this case, anyway.

If you haven’t got it, what you’re missing out on is:

  • An unmissable video about kids and “ancient” technology
  • The best productivity news of the week
  • The rather unusual Buy of the Week recommendation
  • Details of the Stratford Literary Fair
  • The best technology stories of the week

To subscribe for free, just email me and say you want in.

And in the meantime, take a look at today’s first-ever Blank Screen email newsletter in full right here in your browser.

I hope you like it.  It’s been a lot of fun creating it since the idea popped into my head last Saturday. I was on my way to exhibit The Blank Screen paperback at the Birmingham Independent Book Fair when it occurred to me that I could offer people a free PDF sample of a chapter. If, that is, I got their email address. It was but a short hop from that to thinking I could ask people to sign up for an email list and then it was a much longer hop to thinking what I could do with it for them.

Maybe if the list hadn’t been so successful I’d have thought of something else. Something quicker. Something a lot simpler. But it was simply lovely seeing that list grow on the day and then later over emails and social media.

So I think the email newsletter is good. And I know it’s your fault. Thanks.

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