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From this coming Friday, April 18, The Blank Screen will also be available as a weekly email newsletter. Each Friday it will bring you the best posts from the last seven days of productivity news, features and reviews.

Plus it will also include Self Distract: not only an antidote to being productive but a money-where-my-mouth is demonstration of my writing. The Blank Screen is about getting you more time to write and I use this stuff every day so it's time I showed you. Self Distract is also about writing but the strapline for it is:

What we write and what we write with, when we get around to writing

You'll see what I mean. But I'm hoping you'll also see a lot of use for the email newsletter. During a typical week here on The Blank Screen, I publish very many pieces that are technical or particularly topical like news of 24-hour sales on particular apps. They're popular and they're useful, but sometimes they mean the longer, more distinctively Blank Screen productivity features get a bit lost.

The Blank Screen email newsletter will pull out the very best of those from the week plus a round up of the best technology pieces too.

The newsletter will be posted here on The Blank Screen site but you can get it early and you can get it delivered right to your email inbox by just signing up here. Click or tap on this link to send me an email saying you want to subscribe and you're in. You can also use that email to tell me anything you want to, but just hitting Send will do the job too.

I hope you sign up for a look and that you enjoy it.

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