Productively waste your time on some gorgeous books

I’ve found this somewhat too late for Christmas, but Brain Pickings has published a collection of recommended books about writing. Usually I don’t like writing books much – cough, even though I’ve written one. And The Blank Screen is usually about the kinds of productivity ideas and systems and software that helps everyone, not only writers. But this is for writers.

The piece argues that it’s also for readers, that it’s fascinating to see inside the mind of writers. I have my doubts. That just sounds like something we writers would say.

But certainly there is a lot here that is about the philosophy of writing, of making and breaking habits, and I felt like I learnt a lot simply from reading the review and its quotes. I still think my credit card is in danger, though.

One thing: Brain Pickings compiled this from a slew of previous articles and while it’s divided up into sections for each recommended book, it’s remarkable how repetitive it all is. 

2013’s Best Books on Writing and Creativity

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