Updated 1Password now available

A particularly good update for the password-management software is now out on both the makers’ own website and the Mac App Store. This is specifically an update to the Mac version: doubtlessly the Windows one will come soon and the iOS ones have already been updated with these features or the equivalent.

The best of these features being how 1Password handles the times you change your password on a site. I’ve often hit the issue where I’m not sure if I’ve updated the 1Password entry or I’ve created a whole new one. So for my ISP account, for example, I currently have five entries: same username, same website, different password. Every time it’s been that I’ve had the most enormous rush on and couldn’t stop to figure this out, so I’ve ended up saying yes to saving the new password as a new site and given it names like “ISP login FROM JULY 2013”.

Now when you are on a site and you change the password, 1Password says oi, do you want to make a new one or is this an update? One tap, done. 

There are also lots of little nice twiddles in the mini 1Password that lives in your Mac menu bar. I use that more than anything: wherever I am, two key presses and mini 1Password either whacks the username and password in for me on a site or it pops up with a choice of sites or options, whichever I want.

This is release 4.1 of 1Password and it’s free to existing users. We’re special. If you’re not an existing user and you don’t already have anything like 1Password, you need 1Password because there is nothing like it. 

Cost: free to existing users, £34.99 or $49.99 (but check for volume discounts, family packs and special bundles)

More details and download links: http://blog.agilebits.com/2013/12/06/1password-4-1-for-mac-the-little-big-update/

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