Time magazine: “5 Things Zapping your Company’s Productivity”

Is it possible to give you half a link? I want to recommend Time magazine to you: I have it in my RSS feed and it's a regular, meaty read. I find I enjoy it online vastly more than I do on paper: the magazine has such a small size and thin paperstock that it doesn't physically feel like the quality read it really is.

Or rather, that it usually is. Today there's an article on the things that stop people in offices being productive and it's okay: it's certainly worth a skim. But it's a bit thin and it's all a bit obvious too. We all think things are obvious when we already know them so maybe it's just that they happen to hit things I've come across. Maybe the five will include one you've not thought of.

So for that reason but more for saying 'ere, this is usually a very good read, here's Time magazine's article on the 5 Things Zapping Your Company's Productivity: http://business.time.com/2013/11/25/5-things-zapping-your-companys-productivity/

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