William Gallagher interviewing Gillian Bailey

I met Gilli while researching a book about Blake’s 7 and she is a clever treat to talk to. So we got to talk together on stage: this is an hour interview from Kaleidoscope, the television archive organisation, in June 2013. She talks about her whole career as an actor and now an academic – and I have the best seat in the room.

BBC Breakfast on the closure of Ceefax

I wrote thousands upon thousands of pages of BBC Ceefax back in the day and it was one of the highlights of my writing career. And it’s gone. This is a clip from October 2012 when BBC Breakfast featured the final closing down of the service. I didn’t clip this to YouTube: I don’t know who did, but I appreciate the copyright-busting courtesy. One other thing: I was interviewed here really because I wrote about my time on Ceefax in a feature on Radio Times.

That was one of my most popular and most successful, also frankly one of my best articles on the RT website: Farewell to Ceefax – it was nice working with you. And that would’ve been a forgotten and very boring little piece if editor Tim Glanfield hadn’t got me to rewrite it and make it better.