Here’s that cover

Previously on this blog… I told you I’d seen a draft of a Radio Times cover that I wanted to tell you all about – and realised halfway through the sentence that I was simply not allowed to. If you don’t already know, covers are extraordinarily important. When I was on PC Direct magazine we’d have covers meetings and you’d see that, all else being equal, the cover affected sales by 10 per cent or more.

Anyway, now read on. Or rather look on. The issue is on sale as of this morning and the cover has been released: Outpost Gallifrey has the largest image of it I could see and that’s here.

I told you I’d watched the image be really painstakingly arranged on the page (Peter Davison and David Tennant were shot in front of a green screen; the TARDIS behind them is a separate image). This isn’t the cover I saw, it’s a different shot of the men, but it still makes me think what I did at the time. That it’s weird.

Good weird, but still. Much as I liked Peter Davison’s Doctor at the time, he looks so jarring now. Hard to believe this is the same show that it was, don’t you think?


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