A period film, full stop

Christine Patton, whose blog I would link to if link-based technology were working, has written about how she’s completed her period film script, the latest in a series of scriptwriting challenges that I’m also part of. (Hang on, would you put up with an old-fashioned, crude and frankly passe URL? She’s on http://mycatlikeselvis.blogspot.com/.)

Stuart Perry (http://stuartperryuk.blogspot.com/) was also doing said period challenge but has only gone and got himself a proper script writing job. (How do I do green text?)

The period idea was mine, and I thought of it partly because I like certain period films but also because it seemed difficult to do. The primary reason for the challenges is to make you get down on your arse and write, rather than think, but it’s good to have a goal that’s going to be tough beyond just having to reach a certain page count. So I suggested period films and Piers Beckley (http://pavementandstars.blogspot.com/) who has run these things ever since I said “‘ere, what if we did challenges?” determined that the definition of a period film was anything prior to 1989.

I could’ve objected. And I did. But I could’ve objected more, I could’ve pointed out that he wasn’t even doing this one. But instead, like the Englishman I am, I nodded politely and mentioned later that I was ignoring him.

My period film is set in 2010.

Also 2000.

And 1991.




I was a heartbeat away from saying to you that this makes it a periods film when I realised that sounded medical.

I had a point when I started telling you this but I’ve lost it now. What was I getting at? That I feel good another script is written? That’s happy for me.

Trust you’re well,

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