You know I want to tell you. You know.

But I can’t.

I saw a draft cover of a future Radio Times issue this afternoon – and maybe I’m extremely warmly-dressed but covers are fascinating to me, both from how important they are and from seeing them made with care. The thing I can’t tell you is what’s actually on the cover but standing in a conversation, I couldn’t stop watching RT’s art editor Paul Smith making the tiniest, tiniest adjustments. Nudging elements of the cover a pixel here or there.

I’ve seen this before, the time and the talent spent getting an image just right, but I’ll tell you that this cover was surprising.

When’s Comic Relief? At the moment, this particular image is planned for the RT issue of that week and if I did tell you what was on, you might shrug and say everybody knows about this particular thing. I think I did, I think I did. But seeing the image in the flesh, so to speak, is different and I’d like to talk to you about that.

But of course I can’t, so I’ll shut up. And apologise for being mean. Let me tell you what I meant – when the cover’s on sale.


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