Update: Uiee portable power charger

Previously… Uiee is a small and cute and colourful battery charger for iPhone and other devices that’s currently well worth your attention on IndieGoGo. I told you upfront that I want one myself, but these chargers don’t last forever and I wondered about how long this would stay useful. My own current battery charger has radically reduced its ability to top up my iPhone, for instance.

You can’t expect a brand new product to have years of usage data but I asked the makers and they told me:

Uiee is built with top range circuit board components, Uiee is expected to hold its charging capacity for at least 5 years as we will be using Samsung battery supplies giving a substantial life.

I also asked about the name:

With regards to the name Uiee, when starting the company, the owners wanted to start something that would take away the fear that most people seem to have when it comes to technology. Uiee came about while searching for a word that felt simple, friendly and warm to say. Uiee is more like a companion than a product.

Do go check out the IndieGoGo page for Uiee.

Want: Uiee battery charger


uiee2This has just started raising money on IndieGoGo – Uiee is a small battery charger for topping up phones. It looks like a roll of tape but I think its biggest advantage is that distinctive shape and unmissable bright colour. I have a small slate-gray Mophie Juice Pack which I’ve actually forgotten to pack because a) it blended in with my desk and 2) I’m stupid. I don’t see Uiee fixing the latter, but it could help a lot with the former.

Mophie’s Juice Packs do charge you more in both senses: they has more power in it for topping up your phone and they do cost more. Uiee looks like it will retail for $50 US (no UK pricing yet that I know) where I spent around $80 on the particular Mophie I bought. (Have a look at the range of Mophie battery chargers on Amazon UK, Amazon US). When I got my Mophie, it was able to recharge my iPhone twice over; now, about two years later, it’s down to doing a little under once. Uiee claims to top up your iPhone by 55% so that’s a lot less than a full charge but it’ll add hours to your working day.

I wish we didn’t need these things but we do and nobody’s expecting the next iPhone to be any better with its battery power. Have a look at the Uiee video and then go its IndieGoGo page to lay down some Kickstarter-style cash.