The iPad App of the year – as chosen by Apple


Pixelmater, an image editor, and Monument Valley. That’s actually the app of the year and the game of the year. But notice what they have in common? Both have buttons mark Open. That means I already have both of them on my iPad.

Appropriately, it was Pixelmater I used to crop that screenshot. So I do definitely agree that it’s a good choice – and I adored Monument Valley despite being far less of a gamer than you.

I’m just not sure it’s the best. I’ll have a ponder about that – and a check through my purchased items list – but in the meantime, go take a look at Pixelmater or Monument Valley plus the rest of the top recommended apps for iPad.

Not so childish, not quitet: Monument Valley updates

The makers say people keep telling them that Monument Valley is the first game they’ve played. The first game they’ve wanted to. And I believe it because that’s pretty much me: I have played games, I do play Sudoku an awful lot, but that’s it. No interest in games, not usually. But Monument Valley is simply beautiful. And the one thing wrong with it is that it ends. You complete a little journey and then although you can go play it again, it’s never the same.

Now there’s more. If you have the game, there are more levels to it – doesn’t that sound so gamey? levels? – available for £1.49 as an in-app purchase. The game itself costs £2.49. Unbelievable. For such an absorbing, uplifting time.