Sod the fear and do it anyway

I’m pretty sure I was actually at this TEDxManchester talk: it was a few years ago and the presenter’s doubtlessly done it many times, but it stands out to me. Actually, it stands out most for the opening 90 seconds or so. Among all the other things that Carrie Green discusses in her talk, I took away the very first point about just doing something.

We are all remarkably hesitant about things we don’t know, experiences we haven’t had and about how we will appear to others. About whether we will cope with something. I can’t put words into Green’s mouth but what I believe she’s saying is that the time we spend hesitating is wasted and the fact that we hesitate blocks us from things we would enjoy.

Plus, if we then don’t enjoy them, we’ve got ‘me over with quickly instead of stewing about it.

Have a look at her whole talk but especially the opening minute and a half or so.


Video: Programming your mind for success

Right, listen: I know that neuro-linguistic programming is really just talking to yourself tarted up with a more commercial-sounding name. I know it actually sounds scientific, but I reckon it’s clear that the scientific-ness of the name has commercial value and I suspect nothing else. But.


Watch this video by Carrie Green. I first saw Tim Clague do this same opening exercise and with her as with him, it opened my eyes just a bit. It’s about how we put barriers in front of our doing things. Pretty much anything.