How to switch off Evernote’s Contexts feature

I was going to call this How and Why to do it, but you don’t need the why. Context is a new feature in Evernote that completely unhelpfully recommends Wall Street Journal articles that are not in any way related to your note.

Okay, that’s not how Evernote would describe it. But, hey, I’m in an Evernote note where I keep my invoice details and popping up in my way is a notification that “UK Police Drop Begg Charges” and that the WSJ wrote about this on 1 October 2014. I’m sure the case is riveting, but I don’t know who Begg is and he (there’s a photo too, it’s a he, whoever he is) doesn’t get a mention in my list of invoice numbers.

But on the Mac and I presume PC versions of Evernote, go to Evernote/Preferences, find Context, uptick Show Context.


So far I’ve not been so interrupted by Context on my iPhone or iPad so it’ll be interesting to see if the preference carries over to it.

You know someone believes this crap

Part of me hopes that it’s astrologer Susan Miller. If she actually believes the utter garbage of astrology, there is a word for her and it’s “Goodbye”. If she doesn’t and this is preying on the gullible, there might be other words.

Though either way, someone who claims to be able to foretell the future really shouldn’t have a website that looks like it was designed in the 1980s.

But then, no, hang on, websites are technology and Miller says that this is a bad time to spend any cash on technology. Specifically now, as in some period of weeks around here: I refuse to indulge the nonsense by stating the dates she gives. There’s not a whole lot of point, really: it’s all bollocks and at the end of the period astrologers will says “see? told you” and everybody sensible will have forgotten this crap existed. The only ones left paying attention will be the aforementioned gullible and, you know, there’s just so much you can do to help people.

Such as quoting astrologers and laughing. Miller has been talking to Time magazine, which I usually rather enjoy, saying that we shouldn’t buy iPhones right now because Mercury is in retrograde. Uh-huh. I’m guessing that means we’re at the spot in Mercury’s orbit where because we’re also moving in an orbit we appear to overtake it so Mercury’ seems to fall back or something. Mercury’s fine. Orbiting away. It’s all in how you look at it, where you stand and how stupid you are.

But I can’t accuse someone of having no scientific basis without asking if they have evidence and there is some. There’s proof:

Miller says that her daughter — “an Aries, they never trust what you say and have to do their own little empirical research” — once bought a laptop during Mercury retrograde and had to sell it on eBay after realizing she hadn’t bought enough hard drive space.

Why the Most Famous Astrologer in the Universe Says You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone Right Now –
Laura Stampler, Time magazine (8 October 2014)

Those Aries rascals. No possible chance that they cocked up and regretted saving some cash by buying a low-spec computer, no. It has to be that the stars and planets of the entire universe aligned across the infinite cosmos to tell her she shouldn’t have gone to Currys.

Talk about not taking responsibility.

If you want to read more then off you pop, the link is under the quote, I don’t want to go there with you. And the full article includes a link to that Website That Time Forgot too.