Reddit advice on filling the odd spare minute with work

In summary, don’t. Or do, but. This is what was asked on Reddit’s productivity site:

I find myself doing nothing between classes, meetings, etc. How can I make use of these 10-30 minute breaks to do something productive? I often feel like it’s too little time to actually do anything big…

Unnamed poster, Reddit productivity (20 February 2015)

The discussion isn’t exactly bursting with responses but it is continuing and one of the more sensible comments is this from someone called Orangemenace13. (There were 12 Orangemenances before him-or-her-but-you-know-it’s-a-him?)

Yes, but you could be doing some productive / proactive that you still find relaxing. I always have a book and/or magazine on me for these moments of down time, for instance.
Sometimes sitting and “doing nothing” is great during these moments, too – and breaks may make you more productive. But it seems as if more often then not people spend this kind of time screwing around on their phones, checking Facebook and playing Candy Crush.

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