MarsEdit – the early review

This feels so wrong. So very wrong. Also a bit meta. I’m reviewing MarsEdit, a blogging editor for OS X, but I’m reviewing it for I’ll tell you now that I already like this software enough that I’ll be recommending it on The Blank Screen too.

But the way of these things is that of course I review it first on MacNN and then when that’s live, I’ll point you at it from here.


Not only do I need to test out MarsEdit, I also need some screenshots. So unless all my testing so far has somehow been mistaken and this post vanishes into the ether, you’re looking at a test post. Goes on a bit, doesn’t it? What’s wrong with “testing 1, 2, 3”? Standards. It’s about standards.

But while I’ve got you, let me say that MarsEdit is for writing and editing your blog posts and what I think is best about it is that it is somehow just an enjoyable thing to type into. Officially, sensibly, the best thing about it is how readily you can add text, images, video and audio into your posts – and how those posts can be across any number of different blogs that you run.

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