I'm British, I can't do this. Actually, I'm British so that means I can and I do but I don't tell anyone. It's just the way we are. But I'm going to tell you. You've got that face, I can tell you anything.

Alongside my email Inbox, I have the things I recommend in The Blank Screen (UK edition, US edition): a Follow Up mailbox and an Archive. Also a trash and a junk and I'm both ruthless and quick about sending things to either of those. I do also have a Travel Bits mailbox that holds train and plane ticket emails. Much as I use and rather adore TripIt, it recently couldn't parse a plane ticket and there are some operators like National Express who want to see their own format emails when you wave the phone at you.

None of this is difficult to tell you.

This is.

I also keep an email mailbox called Wonderful.

When an email arrives that really lifts me, I'll put it in there and cherish it. Certain commissions I've longed for. Gorgeous messages from people about enjoying The Blank Screen (UK edition, US edition). There's more, I'm not telling you. But you get the idea. Lately I've also started an Evernote notebook called Wonderful for things like this that don't arrive via email. Letters I have scanned in anyway, I'll put in there. Tweets, facebook messages. I'm not very consistent but I do it.

And the result is that every now and again I can go take a look and feel better.

If you want to get techy about it, I suppose I could just tag these things with the word 'wonderful' and leave them wherever they be, but I like having this growing pot of people I like saying the most amazing things. When you see them all lined up like that, it's overwhelming enough that I can't process it so easily. I can't rationalise that she was just being polite, that he wanted something, that they got the wrong man.

So I want to recommend this to you.

Do it yourself, go on. Have your own Wonderful inbox. Just pretend like it was your idea and not mine, okay?

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