Today’s newsletter comes with chocolate

You only think I’m kidding. Today saw the release of the second email newsletter from The Blank Screen and if you read this site, you’ve already learnt a lot of it. But not everything. Not about the chocolate.

Specifically, absolute and irrefutable proof that chocolate is good for your productivity. I am continuing to search for evidence about tea and will report back.

But also this week:

  • The buy of the week – which you must run to get now because it’s on sale for the shortest possible time
  • New: productivity tip of the week
  • Real news of new hardware for your phone
  • Fake news about apps from The Onion


  • Did I mention chocolate? Sorry, I’m a bit excited about that

Take a look at today’s edition here – and if you fancy getting it shipped straight to your inbox every week, just sign up here and let the good times roll about a bit.

It’d be nice to have you along.

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