Time and emotion

I am behind on my work this week and it is officially because I had various meetings away from my office – but I think it’s more because I’ve worried about how far behind I am.

I knew Monday would be a write-off; I had things to do all day and all evening in London, forget getting much else done, much else written. Tuesday just had two chats but one was in Birmingham city centre so there’s travel time too. And today I went to a hospital with my wife Angela Gallagher where she was at very long last signed off for the end of her treatment for breast cancer.

Today I don’t care that I failed to get enough done. Not today. Today is fine, today is mighty fine.

But now we’re back and it’s around 6pm, far too late to make any calls for the day, I am slipping back into reviewing what I should’ve done instead of what I have done. Let me take that hospital appointment as a clue to how I should be looking at everything, at how I think we all should. There is no work that would’ve kept me from that appointment. Bollocks to everything else.

In a less dramatic, less bollocks, more I would reschedule if necessary kind of way, yesterday’s two chats were terribly entertaining and fun as well as getting things done. I enjoyed the nattering, I enjoyed the company. So what if I have to write this evening to make up for it?

And so what if I lost Monday?

‘Course, there are limits. You may not see me tomorrow because my head has got to be down, my fingers have to got be typing a lot. I mean, a lot.

But every once in a while, William, lighten up. Productivity is about the quality of work you do, not the quantity.

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