I was wrong: Apple’s best apps 2013 list is much better

It is still the case that if you go to the Best of 2013 in iTunes, you get a brief page of the very best and those we disappointing. But underneath that there are a couple of lists of categories. It looked to me like the kind of thing iTunes always does, that everywhere does, of chucking in related links. It is. It is exactly that. But.

But it’s more. I was going to check a thing on The Omni Group’s website and exactly as I was thinking it’s strange that OmniFocus 2 for iPhone wasn’t a Best of 2013, I found that it is. It said so, right there on their site. And so is their OmniPlan for Mac.

I followed their links right back to iTunes and found a fair few applications that are exactly what I would think are the best. I’m not saying there should be a category for what William Gallagher calls best, but they are ones that I think make our iPhones, iPads and Macs as truly tremendous productivity tools they are.

For iPad, that list includes Editorial – which I’m still looking at – and for iPhone it includes OmniFocus 2 plus IFTTT and Launch Center Pro.

Go check it all out on the iTunes App Store and please be smarter than I am.

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