Hmm. Lego cases for iPad. Seriously.

I am in the market for a case for my iPad Air and I am looking at one from Belkin but not this. Not these. Although, tell me you aren’t tempted?

Lego iPad cases:

To be full about it, this is the one I am more seriously considering: Belkin Ultimate iPad Case in white.

It’s £99 here in the UK and do I want to be more sure of it before I drop a hundred pounds. But the iPad Air is so new that many cases aren’t out yet or they are in the States yet not here. While I can’t just buy it, I find I’m thinking about it more. And I’m glad for the delay: I was certain I would buy the Logitech Folio and now I’m certain I won’t. There is a version for the iPad mini and though the keyboard is rather good, the case is some kind of plastic and rubber. Can’t bear it. Can’t face holding that as I carry it around all day.

Of course, the Lego case must be rougher but at least in a fun way.

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