No news is great news

Listen, sorry in advance: I’m about to not tell you something. But it’s fantastic.

I’m writing/producing a three-part radio drama called Attachment. It’s for Rhubarb Radio in the Midlands, a new internet radio station, and thereafter we’re releasing it to iTunes. All this has been bubbling away and I’m obviously very busy, very happy doing it.
But tonight, about twenty minutes ago, I cast one of the parts. Someone has agreed to play a key role in the series and I cannot, cannot tell you who. But if I did, you would now be saying bloody hell. Even bloody hell and a half.
One reason I can’t tell you is that it’s much more fun this way. But another is that it’s schedule-dependent: and this person isn’t half busy. ┬áIf it cripples me, I will fit around her schedule.
Ooops. There was a clue, wasn’t there? Her.
It’s all you’re getting, I’m afraid.

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