Doctor Who: Live Blogging

Apparently there are sports blogs where the writer is not at the match, he or she is just plonked in front of a telly.

I mock these people.


I think I’ve just done the same. For the first time, my Radio Times Doctor Who blog has gone live the moment the show finished airing, and I know this because I put it live.

I have to be conscious that Helen Raynor writes a cracking hour’s TV and I do – hang on, counts on fingers – 433 whole words, but I’m not comparing, I’m celebrating. When Doctor Who works now, it’s a hurricane and I love it. The exuberance in it, there can’t be a harder show to write.

Mind you, I learnt a lesson tonight: if you or I ever get to write one, we need to comb our hair and dress smartly: Helen is the first writer this series, besides Russell T Davies, to get interviewed on camera for Doctor Who Confidential.


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