Blog off

There’s no easy way to tell you this, but I’ve been blogging with someone else.

I’m sorry. It didn’t mean anything.

And it’s over, it’s all over, I promise.

Well… when I say over… For the past little while I’ve been blogging merrily away on a secret, closed site. I’ve been a bit more newsy than in our chats, I’ve been considerably more regular and organised. And I think you’d even enjoy some of the blogs, but that’s a shame because you’ll never see them. I imagine the project will go further ahead but even if it does, when it goes public it will need new blogs, not ones tied to the events of the last week or two.

Not sure yet whether I’ll be continuing with it; I enjoyed doing the writing, but this has been a period of feeling each other out and it all depends fairly equally on what they think of my writing and what I think of the various future plans.

Whether I do it or not, though, it won’t take me away again quite so completely. After all, where else do I talk to you? And what newsy blog would let me brag that I’ve just today had a great response from BBC writersroom about a script of mine?

Feeling very good, trust you are too,

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