Shock – I’m in Radio Times

What do you mean, I work for the magazine? And the website? Somehow there’s a big difference being in the magazine and being in the magazine: my podcast show is featured on the mag’s radio pages.

It’s just a short mention in this week’s new issue and I wouldn’t have expected to be so thrilled but after years of writing for the magazine, including plenty on the radio pages, this is me getting into the mag’s radio section for a show I make. Specifically for a show I write: I would hope you can never tell UK DVD Review is scripted but it is and that’s one reason I do it. After all, if you want to write scripts, practicing with a 100-odd of them and doing them every week without fail is quite educational.

Before you ask, yes, I knew I had a chance of getting in there. But that podcast page has been in the mag for a year, if this were only because I work for RT wouldn’t I have been in before now?

And I didn’t know it would be in this week’s. Hence a mad dash yesterday morning to create a page for the address they’d given. If you’d like to see what awaits curious Radio Times readers, here’s the temporary new podcast page


5 thoughts on “Shock – I’m in Radio Times

  1. Heh. Good to see The Stage/Podcast Network Fringe podcast in such esteemed company. It was a shock to see Ewan’s daily podcast appear in the recommendation slot the day after he posted his final podcast of the 2007 series — maybe next year someone at RT will recommend it while the Fringe is still going on!

    Well done on your own inclusion.

  2. I read RT’s line about that as an almost past-tense one; like it was saying you could listen to reports about the whole Festival this year.

    But I see your point now and – strictly between us, since it may or may not come off – I’ve been talking to RT about writing their podcast reviews in future so I’ll watch out for it.


  3. Listen, Piers, make me a Lesbian Zombies from Hell film for this time next year and I’ll review it as if it’s the DVD I just said it was. Won’t watch, but.

    This is like that Doctor Who episode where the Doctor carries the Olympic torch. I think we should lobby the Olympic committee to hire him to do it for real.


  4. I’ve created a petition for the Prime Minister on the e-petitions website requesting just that.

    It is, however, possible that it may be either a) outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and Government or b) intended to be humorous, or have no point about government policy, in which case it may be rejected.

    I’ve done my bit; you get to lobby the Olympic Committee.

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