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Productivity for Writers

Writer and mentor William Gallagher. Author, journalist and Doctor Who radio scriptwriter. (Photo: Lee Allen Photography)

You have so much you want to do that you’re not getting any of it done. You’re great at starting writing projects but they never get finished. You’re a creative writer but you’re juggling a day job and you’re bringing up kids.

I can get you more time to write and I can get you to the finishing line:

“My writing output this month has doubled, just by association with your work-ethic.” Jane (writer and actor)

“You are one of those gifted people who is incredibly articulate and has great Presence (which has to have a capital P) and says valuable things even in casual conversation.” Anna (novelist)

I wrote the book on this. Here’s what readers have said about it, The Blank Screen: Productivity for Creative Writers:

“Love this book, it is clever and witty and genuinely grapples with making an extra hour (or two) in the day. Inspiring and liberating. A real Can-Do manual. No creative should be without it.” – Barbara Machin, creator of BBC’s Waking the Dead

“It is changing the wiring in my brain, while causing my belly to churn with laughter.” – Nadia (poet)

Now I want to change your wiring and get you extra time and have you double what you create.

Personal productivity in three steps

I am based in Birmingham and London but I work worldwide. The best option for us is video Skype calling but I have UK and USA phone numbers too. Join me for one to one mentoring and I’ll get you going with three hour-long sessions.

Session 1:
Investigating what you’re doing, what you want to do and what’s holding you back. Plus a first grab-bag of methods to help you quickly see progress. You and I will definitely turn your To Do list from something you loathe and avoid into something you enjoy and that gets you doing your To Do tasks.

Sessions 2 and 3
Entirely depending on what we discuss in Session 1, the remaining two hours are spent on what you need the most: beating distractions, getting started, finishing projects, dealing with editors and producers, getting on top of your email at last and also getting much more out of that expensive computer of yours.

The cost is £175 (or $295 US) for the three sessions and further sessions are available at £60/hour ($100 US/hour) for when you want to refresh or top up or learn something new. The sessions have to be taken within six months of us starting but I recommend we do them weekly or at most fortnightly.

You can buy the personal productivity sessions as a gift for someone else but I’d prefer to talk with them and make sure I can help with what they need before I take your money.

You know how as a creative writer you have all these doubts about your work? I’m a creative writer, I have exactly the same doubts – but not over this. What I’ll teach you I’ve learned over many years and it has transformed me. What I’ll teach you I’ve taught in literature festivals, universities, in schools for teachers and in union training sessions for the Writers’ Guild, the NUJ, Equity and the Musician’s Union. It’s helped them and I want it to help you too.

Email me for more details or to just say hello.