Using the ‘Side Hustle’

I’m not sure about this but I think I’m just thrown by the title.

Jullien Gordon speaks at TEDx about the importance of the side hustle. Now, sometimes it’s hustlers, sometimes it’s hustlas, and he does define his term right at the start of the video. But that definition is a bit wide. A hustler/hustla (delete as applicable) is someone who is a bit entrepreneurial.

However, I really like his next term: the definition of income, he says, is not how much you earn but how much you have left over at the end of the month. That’s smart. That’s what got me listening to the rest. See what you think, would you?

UPDATE: there’s a problem with embedding video for some reason. While I look into it, if the video below doesn’t work for you, try the direct YouTube link:

Guy Kawasaki on innovation

He’s an interesting guy. Kawasaki was originally best known for being an Apple Evangelist – official. That was his job title. He’s written a book called The Macintosh Way that’s still pretty good and another one I’ve forgotten that isn’t so great. But I like this talk. Kawasaki’s got this line that we should strive to change the world and there are plenty of people who say that. In fact, hang on…

Go change the world.

There you are, I’m another one. But Kawasaki does it alongside a pragmatism. Specifically this: he argues that changing the world is indeed a ideal goal but since we have to eat to survive, people who really do change the world tend to make some money.

He’s interesting, he’s funny, this is a TEDx talk, do take a look: