“Siri, cancel my appointment…”

I’ve already lost the ability to check the weather on my iPhone in any way other than asking Siri. I already add more reminders to OmniFocus via Siri than I do through typing. And I have some days when Siri is worthless. But I have more days when it is great and sometimes, just sometimes, it is astonishing. A friend had to pull out of a coffee chat and, partly because I had my hands full, partly because I wondered if it would work, I said to Siri:

Cancel my appointment with Steph

And it did.

Took it off my calendar.

As ever when a gap comes up, other events can shuffle about to fill it so I tried saying:

Move my 4pm meeting to 2pm.

And it did.

It genuinely is becoming faster and handier to talk to my phone than to type. Never thought that would happen – and I’m struggling to believe that it has. I remember years of promises that voice control was coming and here it is. If only Siri were consistent.