Not convinced: making Sundays better

Didn’t we just do this with Mondays? Now we’re attacking Sundays which, I grant you, are usually in a a bit of shadow because of the following Monday. And also they are nearly as boring as Bank Holidays. But there are ways to make them better:

Do Sunday on Saturday. [T]ake care of buzz-killing chores, errands, and commitments on Saturday, when you’re naturally in a better mood. This… leaves you open for ‘moments of unencumbered joy’ on Sunday when your psyche is in need of them most.

Become a forward thinker. [End] your workweek with a plan… Create a Monday-specific to-do list, line up necessary files, and tag e-mails that require attention.

How to Make Sundays Suck Less – Allison Stadd, 99U (5 March 2015)

Notice that citation is for 99U, not Real Simple. This is partly because I found it first on 99U but also because for once Real Simple is a sort-of real magazine: you go through it like someone has scanned each page of a print title. It’s good, it’s interesting, it’s just hard to link to a specific line of text.

So do go read the full 99U feature but then click through to Real Simple, would you?

Embrace the suck

Not my words. But the idea strikes chords with me:

Embrace the suck.

Doing something hard sucks. It’s not easy, and often you’re confused about how to do it because you haven’t done it much before. So what? Hard things suck, but life isn’t always peaches with roses on top (and a sprinkle of cinnamon). It sucks sometimes, and that’s perfectly fine. Embrace all of life, thorns and pits and all. Life would be boring without the suck. So smile, embrace the suck, and get moving.

10 Ways to Do What You Don’t Want to Do – By Leo Babauta, zen habits (16 April 2014)

That’s number 5 in a series of 10 tips on how to make yourself do something you don’t want to. I’ve done better than last time, I’ve read beyond number 1, but for some reason I don’t want to read the rest. I wonder if number 6 tells me how to read numbers 7-10.

Read the full piece because you’re a better person than I am.

I know this because you wouldn’t have forgotten where you read this. I know it was on reddit but can I find the original link to say appropriate and correct thanks?