Take a year off every seven years

So there’s this fella named Stefan Sagmeister, right, and every seven years he closes his design business for the next 12 months. The obvious first thought is that this is nice for him, a second obvious thought is that you hope it’s nice for his staff if he has any – he’s not all that clear on this point – and maybe a third obvious thought is that this idea is bloody expensive.

I suspect that last, least, most unlikely obvious thought is that you’ll do this too or that you could do it too. Still, he’s very convincing about the benefits and actually rather convincing about the necessity too. Enough so that it’s making me wonder whether I’d benefit from closing my business for a minute.

You are not a storyteller, so there

Okay, actually, maybe you are. We’re writers, it’s what we do. But the Swiss Miss site just found this video of a designer being really sarky about how everybody is now calling themselves storytellers. I’ve never heard of him before, I just really enjoyed how he makes his point.

You are not a storyteller – Stefan Sagmeister @ FITC from FITC on Vimeo.

Via Swiss Miss.