It should be “If Siri Were a Waitress”, not Was

I love Siri and the ability now to just say “Hey, Siri” and have it listen is tremendous. When I’m driving or it’s on the nightstand, whenever my iPhone is on mains power really, then it is so handy and convenient. So handy that when my iPhone isn’t on mains, it now seems a right chore having to press the button and wait.


It’s as if Siri has off days. There are times when it just ain’t on the same page as me. Sometimes I can be astounded at what it gets right and then bemused at what it gets wrong. It’s infuriating. On balance I’d say I have a love/like relationship with Siri.

Doesn’t stop me enjoy this, though:

But this is better:

And for another wrong but good take on the was/were issue, there’s this: