Amazon Prime Day on 15 July

I think I’m recommending this, I think I am. It’s going to be like Amazon’s lightning sales where the fun, such as it is, in seeing what they offer next. This time they’re going to be offering, I think, seven major items on this Amazon Prime Day of 15 July 2015.

Seven major items spaced out through the day and then – have I really got this right? – new lightning sales every ten minutes.


You only get this if you’re an Amazon Prime member. That’s the big benefit for Amazon, pushing this service. I have no trouble with that because I can see many situations where it’s a bargain for us. I don’t use Amazon enough that the Prime membership’s free postage makes enough of a difference but if it does, you get in there. If you want to watch Outlander, too, that’s a TV show that is exclusively available on Amazon Prime in the UK.

Plus, you can sign up to Amazon Prime now and change your mind. I presume being a member on 15 July counts even if you cancel your membership on 16 July. And you can: sign up for a free trial now and cancel it before the end of the period.

Can you tell I’m on the fence a bit here? I don’t want to be persuaded into spending more money than I need but also I do like online sales where you get some new deal every so often. I’ll be looking into it at least so I wanted to be sure you knew about it too.

Here’s everything Amazon is saying about Prime Day. Presumably it’ll be updated more and more through the week.