Seriously? Productivity poetry?

Look, it’s been a long week. I have no clue why I just typed “productivity poetry” into Google but the apparent insanity of that is dwarfed by the fact that I got a result., which I confess I hadn’t heard of before, has a whole slew of poems on the subject of productivity. I would say without the aid of any expertise that most I saw are rubbish. But there are smart ideas and wry ones too, including this which I rather like:

Circular Defeat

I stay up through the night
for the
to make plans
for the
that I sabotage by staying up through the night

Circular Defeat – Noax Identz, Hello Poetry (16 August 2014)

That is the complete poem but try some of the others too on the full site.

I wonder if there are poems about OmniFocus.

Take a moment to look around you

This afternoon I was saying to someone that I realise I rarely stop to look around. As in the Ferris Bueller sense of how life moves pretty fast and if you don’t look, you may miss it. Fine.

Except, I then spent this evening at a poetry event. I went with one friend and by chance knew many, many people there. At one point in between the poets performing, I took the moment to absorb that I was sitting in a group of seven people I like very much. The chance of it, the people involved, it was startlingly special to me and I looked.