Find a partner who looks like your ex

What do you mean, that’s creepy?

I loathe the idea that any of us have a type, that there is certain physical type that we are attracted to. But I know it’s true. And dating firm is using this to help us. In partnership with the best-not-to-ask-why-it’s-called-this company Three Day Rule, the dating business is asking for photos that it will then use to pattern match.

Look, I’m just telling you, I’m not commenting on this. And I can’t seem to direct you to the US version of where this happening because my browser auto-routes to the UK one where I am and where my wife Angela is now going to wonder about my browsing history. Ah, I’ve searched for worse. I once looked for football news. It wasn’t for me, it was for a friend.

Before I give you Three Day Rule’s link and wish you well, let me point out that the service costs. It costs good. In the US it’s $5,000 which works out to around £2,937.89. But if that’s the cost of true love and a little creepiness over that whole type thing, there you go. is here, though if you’re in the States you’d be better off typing it directly and skipping my local rerouting. And Three Day Rule is here.

Via On the Media