This just tickled me

Ages ago, I read an article in Time about how to improve your memory and I knew it’d be interesting for us. You’re ahead of me now, aren’t you? Yes, I forgot.


That’s not what tickles me.

What tickles me is that I just found my note about this and it included the full link to the piece – and Time’s website basically says what memory article?

This is of no use to you but I had to share.

Bounce an AA battery to find out if it’s spent

I don’t exactly know that I needed the whole of this 5’32” video to grasp the concept: if you drop an battery it will bounce if it’s empty, it won’t if it’s full.

Empty. Full. Really I suppose I mean empty as in used up, full as in still has a charge. The folks behind this video call them good batteries vs bad batteries, though that just seems harsh.

Watch the start for proof and a demonstration of how you don’t have to throw the batteries on the ground to test this. Then carry on for an examination of why it may all be true.