Thank you: Google Docs and Drive explained

Because I’ve been getting these confused.

Google’s recent upgrades to Drive have made clear the company’s going head-to-head with Microsoft on productivity services. Unfortunately, in its efforts to emulate the industry standard, Google’s made its cloud-based apps every bit as Byzantine as Office365.

Google’s services overlap and their names aren’t self-explanatory. This problem is aggravated by the company’s propensity to change those names, consolidate services under one moniker, or simply discontinue them.

Fortunately, underneath the confusing nomenclature you’ll find that Google is currently offering three major productivity services to the public. (While you’ll find dozens of additional products on the company’s master list of products , we aren’t focusing on non-productivity business services like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Payments, and so on in this story.) Here’s an analysis of each to help you decide whether one (or more) is right for you.

You don’t know Docs from Drive: Google’s productivity apps, explained – Christopher Null, PC World (7 July 2014)

Read the lot, do.

Don’t drive angry

From Groundhog Day by Danny Rubin and Harold Ramis. There is very little relevance here but I read the words “Don’t drive angry” and that’s what starts playing in my head. What may be more relevant is where I read the words.

Time magazine has a feature on this and nine other things you really should not do when you’re angry. I’m afraid I think I’ve done at least 12 of them.

You shouldn’t drive
Operating a motor vehicle when you’re enraged can be dangerous. Research shows that angry drivers take more risks and have more accidents. “When you’re angry, you’re primed for attack, so it’s not a good time to jump in a vehicle,” says David Narang, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Santa Monica, Calif. “In addition, anger gives a person tunnel vision—you stare straight ahead and may not see a pedestrian or another car coming into your peripheral vision crossing the street.” If you must drive when angry, Narang suggests opening your eyes purposefully and looking around you to avoid tunnel vision.

10 Things You Should Never Do When You’re Angry – Time

It’s very easy to get angry as a writer, most especially when your latest rejection is just nuts. But don’t drive. And nine other things. I’d like them to have included a few things you should do, but for a strong list of what to avoid and why, do read the full feature.