Firefox and Chrome users stay in their jobs longer

Now if it this were about Internet Explorer, you could joke that users stay longer in their jobs because that browser is slower. But it isn’t about that, so we can’t. Instead, a firm has found that people who uses these other two browsers have certain characteristics.

Cornerstone’s researchers found that people who took the test on a non-default browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, ended up staying at their jobs about 15 percent longer than those who stuck with Safari or Internet Explorer. They performed better on the job as well. (These statistics were roughly the same for both Mac and PC users.)

People Who Use Firefox or Chrome Are Better Employees — Joe Pinskermar, The Atlantic (16 March 2015)

The thinking is that these are non-standard browsers. That is, if you use them, you chose to go get them and it’s the act of even looking into alternatives that marks you out with these distinctive characteristics.

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Remote control Macs and PCs from your phone

This is Chrome Remote Desktop and it’s fiddly to set up unless you’re already in to the Chrome browser. But once it’s running, it’s remarkable how well it works and what it does:

Imagine squeezing your retina iMac screen down onto an iPhone 5. You can do it. It might look a bit silly, and initially you might wonder why you’d bother, but it has long been possible to see and remotely control your Macs and PCs on even your iPhone. Now that Google has released Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS, you can do it for free. You’ll do it, too: try this once, and you will forever keep finding other reasons why it’s incredibly useful.
It’s fantastic when you forget a file, for instance, and can now just find and email it to yourself from afar — and it will save your soul, your sanity, and your gas money when you are supporting several family members who live halfway across the country. Just open up your or their Mac’s screen on your iOS device and work as if you were right there in front of it.

Hands On: Chrome Remote Desktop (OS X, iOS) – William Gallagher, Electronista (19 January 2015)

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